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Pro Eagle “The Beast”, 2 Ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack

 599,90 incl. VAT



Based on the 2 ton jack platform, Pro Eagle added strong solid axles and large non-pneumatic wheels to give our jack a lift. No longer will you have to worry about dragging your jack through the sand or not being able to run over a zip tie or pebble in the garage. Pro Eagle worked hard to create the ultimate Off Road Jack that would hold up to the toughest off road racing conditions.



  • A full-length steel skid plate to prevent sinking on sand and damage to internal components.
  • 8″ adjustable extension w/rubber grip pad to lift high clearance off road vehicles. (Optional 15” extension for extreme vehicles)
  • Detachable aluminum handle that fits into optional mount. If you are looking for this jack with mount.
  • High capacity, non-pneumatic, composite wheels for durable, heavy lifting.
  • Sealed ball bearings for smooth rolling and operation in dusty/sandy conditions.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Patented design!



  • 66 cm of overall lift height
  • High capacity, non-pneumatic, composite wheels
  • Sealed ball bearings on all 4 wheels
  • Solid steel axels
  • 1/4” aluminum side plates and carry handles
  • 23,5 kg
  • L 740 mm x B 330 mm x 150 mm min. height