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Terms and Conditions stagezero.store online store

Terms and Conditions (with consumer information)

Scope, contractors, delivery restrictions

(1) These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all contracts concluded between you as a customer (consumer) and us as the operator of the stagezero.store (seller) online shop. As part of the ordering process, you accept the terms and conditions in the version valid at the time of placing the order.

(2) operator of the online shop and your contractual partner is:

Stage Zero – Off Road Store, Inh. Johannes König, Olympstrasse 22, 6430 Ötztal Bahnhof

Please contact us for any questions, requests and complaints: E-Mail: info@stagezero.store.

(3) Through our online store, we only sell to consumers to the exclusion of any commercial use, especially the resale.

(4) The terms and conditions regulate the details of the contractual relationship and at the same time contain important consumer information in the legally relevant version.

(5) The following delivery restrictions apply:

We only deliver to consumers, unless otherwise agreed, who have their habitual residence (billing address) in Europe ** and can specify in Europe **.

Should the goods (exceptionally) not be available immediately, we indicate the expected delivery time in the description of the goods and confirm them with the acceptance of the contract.


(1) Our presentation of goods in the online shop does not include a binding offer to sell. The offer to conclude a purchase contract is assumed by you as a customer by clicking on the “order” button after complete completion of the order page. Previously, you can view and change your order at any time using the “Shopping cart” button. Before placing your order, you can also review and change your details about the terms of delivery and payment. You remain bound to your order for 7 days, ie. H. the contract is binding if we accept your order within this period.

(2) After submitting the order, you will receive an automated e-mail confirmation of the receipt of the order from us (order confirmation), which is not yet an acceptance of the contract. The contract acceptance we declare within the acceptance period according to paragraph 1 by separate E-Mail, as soon as we have checked the receipt of payment and the goods leave our warehouse or we can confirm the delivery time (order confirmation).

(3) If your order includes several items, the contract is only concluded on the items that are expressly listed in our order confirmation.

(4) The above also applies if you have paid the purchase price already prior to conclusion of the contract or have instructed payment on the basis of the payment method chosen by you. If the contract does not materialize for any reason in this case, we will inform you by e-mail (in case of partial acceptance of contract together with the order confirmation for the deliverable items) and refund the advance payment immediately.

(5) Your statutory right of withdrawal (see § 6) remains unaffected by the above provisions.

(6) The contract is concluded in German. The text of the contract (consisting of order, terms and conditions and order confirmation) will be stored by us under the protection of privacy and sent to you by e-mail.

Prices, delivery options, utilities

(1) The prices quoted in our online shop include VAT and all other price components. They are plus the following additional costs in EURO (€).

(2) We deliver exclusively to delivery addresses within the delivery area specified in 1 paragraph 4.

(3) The payment method you choose may incur additional costs that may be charged to you or us by third parties and over which we have no control (such as credit card or bank charges, especially for foreign accounts). Such costs must be borne and refunded if necessary.

Payment and retention of title

(1) Payment of the purchase price is conditional – as detailed in our online shop.

(2) Until full payment of the invoice amount of a delivery, we reserve the ownership of the delivered goods in any case.

(3) Klarna Payments

In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer you the following payment methods. Payment is to be made to Klarna.

  • Pay in [14] days: The payment period is 14 days from shipment of the goods or tickets/ availability date of the service. You can find the complete terms and conditions for the markets where this payment method is available here: United KingdomGermanySwedenNorwayDenmarkFinlandAustriaSwitzerlandand the Netherlands.
  • Financing: With the financing service from Klarna you can pay your purchase in flexible or fixed monthly instalments according to the conditions stated in the checkout. The instalment payment is due at the end of each month after submission of a separate monthly invoice by Klarna. Further information regarding Slice It including terms and conditions and Standard European Consumer Credit Information you can find here for the markets where this payment method is available: Austria, the United KingdomGermanySwedenNorwayDenmarkand Finland.
  • Direct bank transfer: Available in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands. Your account will be debited directly after placement of your order.
  • Direct Debit: Your account will be debited after shipment of the goods or tickets/ availability date of the service ​or in case of a subscription in accordance with the timelines communicate​d. You will be notified about the date(s) by email.
  • Card Payments: Available in Sweden, Germany and Austria. The amount will be reserved on your card and will be debited after shipment of the goods or tickets/ availability date of the service. In case of a subscription the amount will be debited in accordance with the timelines communicated.

The payment methods Pay in [14] days, Slice It and direct debit are only available in case of a positive credit assessment. For this purpose, during the order process and handling of your purchase, we forward your data for an address and credit check to Klarna. We can only offer you the payment methods available based on the result of the credit check. General information about Klarna and the user terms per country can be found on klarna.com. Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance with the information in Klarnas privacy statement.

Denmark (Only)

Klarnas betalingsmåder

I samarbejde med Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sverige, tilbyder vi følgende betalingsmåder:

  • Faktura: Kredittid på 14 dage fra den dag, varerne bliver sendt. Her kan du finde vilkårene for faktura.
  • Konto: Klarna Konto er en kassekredit, som gives af Klarna. Den giver låntageren mulighed for at betale sine køb i månedlige afdrag med 1/24 (dog min. 89 kr.) af totalbeløbet eller ifølge de vilkår, der blev godkendt i kassen. For mere information om Klarna Konto inkl. generelle betingelser og standardiserede europæiske forbrugerkreditoplysninger, klik her.

Betaling sker altid til Klarna. Du kan finde mere information om Klarna på deres hjemmesideHer kan du finde deres brugervilkår. Anvendelse af disse oplysninger vil blive behandlet i overensstemmelse med den gældende databeskyttelseslovgivning og Klarnas politik til beskyttelse af personlige oplysninger.

Finland (Only)

Klarnan maksutavat

Yhdessä Klarna Bank AB:n (julk.) kanssa (päätoimipaikan osoite Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Tukholma, Ruotsi) tarjoamme seuraavia maksutapoja, joissa maksu tehdään suoraan Klarnalle:

  • Lasku: maksuaika on 14 vuorokautta tuotteiden toimituksesta. Klarna-laskun ehdot ovat saatavilla täällä.
  • Joustava erämaksu: voit maksaa ostoksesi joustavasti kuukausierissä, joiden suuruus on vähintään 1/100 velan määrästä (kuitenkin aina vähintään 5,00 EUR mukaan lukien korko jäljellä olevalle velalle).
  • Kiinteä erämaksu: voit valita kassalla eri kuukausierävaihtoehdoista. Erät pienenevät kuukausittain sitä mukaa, kun maksamatta oleva luottosumma pienenee.
  • Kampanjalasku: jos oston yhteydessä on tarjottu mahdollisuutta pidennettyyn 1–3 kuukauden maksuaikaan aloitusmaksua vastaan (esim. “Osta nyt, maksa helmikuussa”), voit maksaa ostokset kampanjalaskun ehtojen mukaisesti.
  • Joustavan erämaksun, kiinteän erämaksun ja kampanjalaskun ehdot löydät täältä ja vakiomuotoiset eurooppalaiset kuluttajaluottotiedot täältä.

Löydät lisätietoa Klarnasta täältä ja Klarnan käyttöehdot täältä. Klarna käsittelee henkilötietojasi soveltuvan lainsäädännön ja Klarnan tietosuojaselosteen mukaisesti.

Netherlands (Only)

Betaalmethodes van Klarna

In samenwerking met Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Zweden, bieden we u de volgende betaalmethode(s) aan. Betaling dient aan Klarna te worden gedaan.

  • Achteraf Betalen
  • Gespreid Betalen

U vindt meer informatie in de gebruikersvoorwaarden van Klarna. Algemene informatie over Klarna vindt u hier. Uw persoonsgegevens worden door Klarna in overeenstemming met de geldende wet bescherming persoonsgegevens en zoals beschreven in Klarna’s privacy statement verwerkt.

Norway (Only)

Klarnas betalingsmetoder

I samarbeid med Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, tilbyr vi følgende betalingsmetoder. Betalingen går alltid direkte til Klarna.

  • Faktura: Forfallsdato er 14 dager fra tidspunktet varene er sendt ut. Faktura vilkårene finner du här.
  • Konto: Klarna Konto er en rammekreditt fra Klarna som gir forbrukere mulighet til å betale sine kjøp i månedlige avdrag med 1/24 (minimum 95 NOK) av totalbeløpet. Mer informasjon om Klarna Konto, samt alminnelige fakturavilkår og standardiserte europeiske opplysninger om forbrukerkreditt finner du her.

Her finner du mer informasjon om Klarna, og her kan du lese brukervilkårene deres. Bruken av slike opplysninger reguleres i samsvar med gjeldende personvernlovgivning og Klarnas personvernerklæring.

Sweden (Only)

Klarnas betalningsalternativ

Tillsammans med Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, erbjuder vi följande betalningsalternativ där betalningen görs direkt till Klarna:

  • Betala inom 14 dagar: Betalningstid är 14 dagar från avsändandet av varorna. Villkoren för betala inom 14 dagar finner du här.
  • Konto: Klarna Konto är en kontokredit som tillhandahålls av Klarna och som ger kredittagaren möjlighet att delbetala sina köp månadsvis med minst 1/24 (minimum 50 SEK) av totala utnyttjade kreditbeloppet eller i enlighet med de i kassan godkända villkoren. För mer information om Klarna Konto inklusive allmänna villkor och Standardiserad Europeisk konsumentkreditinformation finner du här.
  • Betala Direkt: Automatisk dragning från ditt bankkonto: baseras på autogiro och ditt konto debiteras ca två bankdagar efter köpet genomförts eller att varan skickats. Villkoren för användande av autogiro finner du här.
  • Banköverföring: Ditt konto debiteras omedelbart efter att beställningen har lagts.

Du hittar mer information om Klarna här och kan läsa deras användarvillkor här.

För att kunna erbjuda en uppsättning av olika betalningsalternativ behöver vi dela dina person-, kontakt- och orderuppgifter med leverantören av respektive betaltjänst. Vi rekommenderar dig att läsa vår sekretesspolicy [LINK].

Användningen av dessa uppgifter regleras i enlighet med gällande dataskyddslag och Klarnas sekretesspolicy.

United Kingdom (Only)

In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer you the following payment options. Payment is to be made to Klarna:

  • Pay later.
  • Financing.

Further information and Klarnas user terms you can find here. General information on Klarna you can find here. Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance with the information in Klarnas privacy statement.

Delivery and transfer of risk

(1) The delivery of the goods to the agreed address takes place in accordance with the statutory provisions. We bear the risk of loss or damage to the goods during transport to you and are covered by appropriate insurance.

(2) Delivery times specified by us are calculated from the time of our order confirmation.

(3) Should the delivery of the goods fail despite repeated attempts for reasons for which we are not responsible, we can withdraw from the contract. Possibly. Any payments already made by you will be reimbursed immediately. The legal rights of the contracting parties remain unaffected.


When concluding a distance selling transaction, consumers generally have a statutory right of revocation, which we subsequently provide in accordance with the statutory model. In paragraph (2) you will find a sample withdrawal form. In paragraph (3) you will find clarifications on the legal patterns and supplementary regulations to which we are bound in your favor in addition to the statutory law. Withdrawal You have the right to withdraw from this contract within fifteen days without giving reasons. The cancellation period is fourteen days from the date on which you or one of you

named third party who is not the carrier who has or has taken possession of the goods. To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must notify us (Stage Zero – Off Road Store, Johannes Koenig eU, Bigerweg 25, A-6460 Imst, or info (at) stagezero.store) by means of  clear statement (eg a letter sent by post, Fax or e-mail) about your decision to withdraw from this contract. In order to maintain the cancellation period, it is sufficient that you send the notice of the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period.

Consequences of the cancellation

If you withdraw from this Agreement, we will have you all the payments we have received from you, including delivery charges (except for the additional costs arising from choosing a different delivery method than our standard low-priced delivery have to repay immediately and no later than fourteen days from the date on which the notice of your revocation of this contract

received by us. For this repayment, we use the same means of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless otherwise agreed with you; In no case will you be charged for this repayment fees. We may refuse to repay you until we have received the goods back or until you have provided proof that you have returned the goods, whichever is the earlier. You must return the goods to Stage Zero – Off Road Store, John King eU, Bigerweg 25, A-6460 Imst without delay and in any event not later than fifteen days from the date on which you inform us of the cancellation of this contract to hand over. The deadline is met if you send the goods before the deadline of fifteen days. You bear the immediate costs of returning the goods.

About the model withdrawal form we inform according to the legal regulation as follows:

Model withdrawal form

(If you want to cancel the contract, please fill out this form and send it back.)

Email: info (at) stagezero.store

I hereby revoke (s) (s) (s) contract (s) concluded by me / us

Purchase of the following goods (*) / Provision of the following service (*)

Ordered on (*) / received on (*)

Name of the consumer (s)

Address of the consumer (s)

Signature of the consumer (s) (only when notified on paper)


(*) Delete as appropriate


(1) stagezero.com warrants that the Products will have no defects or defects at the time of shipment which reduce or affect the value or function.

(2) The warranty period is 24 months and is irrevocable from the date of delivery.

(3) A warranty exists only for defects that already existed at the time of shipment. This does not apply to subsequent defects and / or improper use of the product. This also applies to wearing parts.


(1) stagezero.store is liable only for intentional or grossly negligent damages, except personal injury and possible liability under the Product Liability Act.

** Europe: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus. Please note that shipping to the EU overseas territories or to all non-EU customs and tax jurisdictions (such as Greenland, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Channel Islands, etc.) is not permitted.